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A Mother There by Angie Killian and Shane Mickelsen

A Mother There

Lyrics by Angie Killian

Music by Shane Mickelsen

Soloists (in order of appearance): Charly Cook, Allie Gardner Policky, Kacee Mickelsen & Christina Mohlakola

Additional vocals by Christina West & Claudia Higginson

Watch the music video here.

Sheet music is available here.

Watch the video here

To yearn means to have an intense feeling of longing for something, typically something that one has lost or been separated from. This is EXACTLY how I feel about my Heavenly Mother. I have always had a strong connection with my Heavenly Father. I speak to Him throughout my day. He is the first person I turn to when my path becomes rough, my vision becomes clouded, or my feet become weary. I know He loves me, hears me, and is always willing to help me find my keys no matter how many times I lose them, but for years I have struggled with my relationship with my Heavenly Mother and, in turn, with myself. How could I understand my internal nature and eternal destiny if I didn’t know much of Her's?

I set off on a journey to become reacquainted with my Mother in Heaven and my spiritual heritage. I read everything I could find about Her and spoke to women I admired, but it wasn’t enough to quench my desert-like thirst. In a moment of intense anguish, I exposed my heartache to my Heavenly Father for the Mother whose arms I left when I was placed into my earthly Mother’s arms. In turn, imagery, words, and emotion flowed into my mind and out of my fingertips, becoming the words for “A Mother There."

I’m always excited when Shane Mickelsen likes my words enough to write music for them, and he did a tremendous job setting this special text to music. The first time he read through the text, he said he could hear the whole thing. Having his beautiful wife and my dear friend, Kacee, along with Allie Gardner, Charly Cook, and Christina Mohlakola record solo vocals for this piece made it extra special.

Perhaps the most beautiful detail of this project is the women who came to sing the backing chorus in the video for the final verse.

When I first envisioned this project, I wanted to represent each of Heavenly Mother’s beautiful daughters. I remember telling my mom and husband that I wanted 100 women of every size, shape, color, and age. With concerns about Covid-19, I didn't think it would be possible, but miracles truly do happen.

When I write lyrics, I love to pack them full of symbolism and imagery. Every word of this song was chosen with great care. For example, in the video when Charly sings about “Pink Carnations,” you see my mother, grandmother, and daughter in the video. I chose this flower above hundreds of beautiful options and had Nick Sales slip this shot into that phrase because pink carnations are a symbol of a mother’s undying love.

A treasured experience that happened with this song was when Shane had finished the music for the entire song and wanted me to write words for a bridge. I thought for sure the song was supposed to finish with the verse about seeing Heavenly Mother and Her divine qualities in looking for the divine traits in Her daughters, so I was so surprised when I was given words for a new final verse that concluded my thoughts perfectly: 1. I yearn for Her connection,

A chance to know Her face,

Her gentleness and holiness,

The warmth of Her embrace

I search for Her in longing

And find Her everywhere,

For all the world reminds me:

I have a Mother there.


A Mother there,

I have a Mother there!

A Mother there,

I have a Mother there!

2. I see Her in the colors

That dance on painted wings,

In blooming hues that fill my view

When winter yields to spring.

I hear Her in the songbird’s

Melodic gifts to air,

For all the world reminds me:

I have a Mother there.


3. I smell in pink carnations

A hint of Her bouquet

And feel Her breeze give life to trees

On peaceful, summer days.

I taste Her in the sweetness

Of autumn’s golden pear,

For all the world reminds me:

I have a Mother there.



I see Her in the aging,

In children, as they grow,

In hushing cries and lullabies,

Yes, every gentle kindness helps me know:


4. I sense Her in the silence,

In moments I am still.

She reaches back and teaches that

Her love is what I feel.

Now brimming with this wisdom,

I find Her everywhere,

For all the world reminds me:

I have a Mother there.

For all the world reminds me:

I have a Mother there.

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