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Frequently Asked Questions



Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: If your question isn’t sufficiently answered on this FAQ page, there is a ‘contact me’ form on my homepage.  You can also email me directly at  

Q: I filled out your contact form or sent you an email.  How long until I hear back?

A: I usually respond to emails within a few hours, but I always respond within 48 hours.




Q: How long do I have to download my music?

A: The site that hosts my website gives customers 30 days to download their items.  This time limit is set by them, and I have no control over it.


Q: I missed my 30-day download time.  Can I have access to my purchase again?

A: YES!  Absolutely.  Shoot me an email with your order number, and I will resend the download link.  


Q: I purchased something from your website, but never received an email.  Can you help me?

A: For sure!  Let’s figure it out.  Usually, this happens when your email was accidentally entered incorrectly or because your email host is blocking my emails (I see this often when emails do not end in "," "," "," etc.  Email me, and I will get you 100% taken care of. 


Q: I’m having trouble downloading my purchase.  What should I do?

A: So sorry; I know that can be frustrating!  First of all, make sure you are downloading on a computer and not a device.  Any of my listings that contain multiple items are sent in a zipped file, and phones, ipads, etc. aren’t set up to open them. 

If you try to open it on a computer and it gives you grief, send me an email; I’m happy to get you your files in a different way.

Q: I purchased a product by accident.  Can I get a refund? 

A: Unfortunately, I cannot offer refunds for digital products.  If there was an error on my end, I'm happy to make it right.




Q: I only need one copy of sheet music.  Do I have to purchase the bundle?

A: Absolutely not!  If you only need one (or two) copies of music, purchasing the sheet music individually is more cost-effective.  If you need more than two copies (or are interested in the simplified sheet music, mp3, or performance track), I recommend purchasing the bundle.


Q: I purchased one copy of sheet music.  Can I make a copy of sheet music for my accompanist or do I need to buy an additional copy?  

A: Individual copies of sheet music are purchased on a per-copy basis.  You need to purchase one copy for each copy made.  


If you need to make more than 2 copies or are planning to also use the performance track or mp3, opt for the bundle.  It is a better value and contains more products, simplified arrangements, and authorization to make 3 copies of sheet music.


Q: I purchased the bundle, but I need more than 3 copies of sheet music or mp3s.  How do I legally make more copies for my congregation?

A: If you have purchased a bundle, you can make additional copies of sheet music or mp3s for $0.50.  Those can be purchased HERE.


Please do not purchase these unless you have purchased the bundle.


Q: I want to purchase music for the primaries in my stake/network.  Can I purchase one bundle and extra copies for each congregation?

A: No.  Each group needs to purchase its own music.


Q: We have a limited budget and want to purchase several extra copies.  Can you work with us?

A: I can’t for sheet music; $0.50 per copy is already way below market value.  Depending on the situation, you may want to distribute lyric sheets instead of sheet music; you can do this at no charge!  For mp3s, shoot me an email!  I’m happy to work something out.  


Q: I purchased extra copies of sheet music.  Why was I was only sent a ‘thank-you’ note?

A: As stated in the listing description, purchasing ‘extra copies’ gives you permission to make copies of music from the bundle that you have already purchased; it does not resend the sheet music to you.  If you have misplaced your music or do not have access to a copy machine, send me an email with your original order number; I can easily resend your download link!


Q: My copy of sheet music got lost or damaged.  Do I need to repurchase it?  

A: Nope!  You can totally print another copy of lost or damaged music.  If you need your download link again, email me!


Q: Can I save my downloads on my computer?

A: Yes!  I recommend saving them in the event that your printed copy gets lost or damaged.  


Q: Why is it so important to honor your copyright?

A: It all comes down to my ability to keep creating and sharing music.  As you can imagine, these projects are expensive, and costs continue to rise every year.  When I started writing music in 2016, my husband and I literally used our vacation funds to cover projects.  In recent years, we have been blessed to have enough money coming back through sheet music sales to cover the costs of music projects.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for every purchase, stream, and share; it all helps me continue to do what I love without diverting funds from my cute, little family.

Q: Can I change your music or lyrics?

A: Please don't.



Q: Can we share or perform your music at a live event?

A: For church services or other free events, ABSOLUTELY!  I love it when my music is performed by others.  If you have purchased sheet music from me or one of my co-writers, you have our express permission.  


If the event is a commercial event, a place of business, or requires payment to attend, please contact me prior to the performance.



Q: I don’t have access to wifi at my service or event, how can I share your video with my group?

A: I charge $10 to send a copy of my music videos.  Since the files are too large to purchase/download on my website, I accept money via PayPal, and I will send you the file via WeTransfer.  Send me an email if you'd like a video.

Q: Can I post a cover of one of your songs?

A: Yes, of course!  I’m flattered.  Legally you can post covers of any song to streaming platforms once it has been published with no permission needed.  YouTube videos require permission from the copyright holder (me) to post cover videos, which I generally give.  Please give me and my collaborators credit in your YouTube description and in the video.  I love seeing your covers of my songs!  (Note: a "cover" has your own vocals and is not my mp3/minus track as a lyric video.)


Q: Can I make a new music/lyric video with your audio?

A: Please don't.  I like to keep my recordings on my channel (or my collaborator's channel) to help us reach more people in the future.  If you are looking for something with lyrics, you can turn on the "captions" on any of my videos.

Q: Can I upload a minus track of your song to YouTube?

A: Please do not share "minus tracks" or "minus track videos" on any platform.


Q: Do you do firesides or speak to youth groups, primaries, or women's groups?  

A: Absolutely!  I LOVE sharing my stories, music, and testimony with others when my schedule allows.  Send me an email to check availability. 


Q: Do you charge for speaking events?

I don’t charge anything for events within Utah County; outside of Utah County, I charge $1 per mile from Salem, Utah for traveling costs.


Q: Would you be willing to appear as a guest on my podcast/live/panel?

A: If it works with my schedule, SURE!  Send me an email, and we’ll get something set up!


Q: What topics do you speak about?  

A: I love speaking about relying on the Savior, personal revelation, finding your purpose, becoming an instrument in the hands of the Master, and how creativity can change your life.  I can also speak on any topic I have a song about, or I can talk about multiple songs and share the stories/miracles/lessons learned behind each one.  




Q: Do you have teaching resources for your children’s songs?

A: YES!  I share any teaching resources that I make for free in my Singing Time Helps.  If I have to commission artwork for a song, I do charge a small fee to cover those costs.

Q: Can I send you my song to get feedback? 

A: Yes!  I charge $50 per song.

Q: Can you make sheet music for me?
A: I don't have enough time right now to help with this.

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