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Extra Copies of sheet music or mp3s

Extra Copies of sheet music or mp3s

You may order extra copies of the sheet music or mp3s here IF you have already ordered the Group Bundle or SATB of any song, and you need more than 3 copies allowed by the bundle. 


Please do not purchase this if you have opted to purchase single copies of the sheet music.


Once you place your order, you will receive a 'Thank You' note from me, but because you've already downloaded the sheet music as part of the Group Bundle, the sheet music will not be sent to you a second time. Paying for the number of copies you plan to make will allow you to legally make those copies without infringing on my copyright.


Instructions: Please choose the quantity of copies you plan to make, add them to the cart, and check out. As soon as your payment has gone through, you may make the number of copies you paid for.


If you are looking to make copies of the mp3 to distribute to the families of children in your primary and $0.50 per copy is out of your budget, please reach out to me, and I am happy to work with you.


*Thank you for being honest and respecting my copyright. Your support allows me to continue to release new music.

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