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'Succor' Means 'To Run To'

This music video goes live on Friday, September 9th at 5 PM Mountian Time. You can watch the video HERE.

My favorite thing about the video for "Always Remember" is the footage of "Jesus" with the children. Marshall Shakro came from Los Angeles to portray Christ. He was wonderful to work with, and I learned so much about the Savior from watching him interact with the children. The end of the shoot was stressful because of how quickly the sun was setting. I was on the beach with my videographer, director, and most of the children getting the footage we needed of the choir. Marshall was on top of a hill with Monica Scott and our second group filming scenes for another video (coming in November!) One of the shots I desperately wanted was of the children, hand in hand, encircling Jesus. Because they don’t have a beginning or end, circles are symbols of eternity, and I really wanted that powerful visual to pair with the bridge: Always, always, he'll remember me.

Always, always, he'll remember me.

As I watched the orange sky disappear, I realized that we probably wouldn’t be able to get that shot, but as the sun dipped below the horizon, the golden light changed instantly to a soft, even, blue light. We thought that maybe, just maybe, we could still capture it if--and it was a big if--Marshall could make it down the boulder-covered hill to where we were on the beach before the light faded into complete darkness. We called the other group from a cell phone, and Marshall came running, scrambling over the giant rocks and in between sagebrush in his long robe and thin sandals. When he got to the bottom of the hill, there was still a good 100 meters of sand between us. To make it to our side as quickly as possible, Marshall removed his shoes and ran across the sand, arms open wide.

The sand on this shore wasn't the kind that slips between your toes ocean beach or a typical lake; with the lake receding in recent years, the shore is covered in a sharp, salty crust. Running across it was like running on tiny pieces of glass. Marshall’s sacrifice made me think instantly of the love of our Savior and his promise to "succor" us in our afflictions. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland taught us: “[Succor] is used often in the scriptures to describe Christ’s care for and attention to us. It means literally ‘to run to.’ What a magnificent way to describe the Savior’s urgent effort in our behalf. Even as he calls us to come to him and follow him, he is unfailingly running to help us.


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