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New Song: The Liahona (coming 7.29.23)

Coming 7.29.23: The Liahona

Watch the video HERE

I have three children (whom you probably see in my music videos). This is my youngest, McKay. He is a tough critic who merely tolerates most of my music. This song, however, has passed the “McKay Test,” so I know it’s going to be a favorite! I find him singing it all the time, and he even has been asking to see the music video. I can't wait for you to see the video! It premiers on Saturday morning at 10:00 am MST on my YouTube channel.

I finished the Liahona song at the beginning of 2023, but I started this song in 2016. It was one of the first songs I tried to write, but at the time lacked the experience and skills to bring it to life. I didn’t touch it for years in between, but I often thought about it and knew that the message of the song was strong.

Last fall when I started brainstorming what songs I wanted to offer to go along with the upcoming focus on Book of Mormon, the Liahona song was at the top of my list! I threw out literally everything from my first attempt all those years ago and started writing completely from scratch. After several reworkings and revisions, our journey landed us where we are today.

Life sometimes takes us on detours. While we may not understand the reason why we must wander the wilderness or be tossed upon stormy seas, we can always count on Christ being by our side, leading us and teaching us every step of the way.


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