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New #HymnsForKids arrangement: Did You Think to Pray?

Watch the video HERE

Shooting “Did You Think to Pray?” in Arizona was truly an adventure of “firsts.”

- First time traveling for a music video! (Unless you count St. G, but I don’t.) This was so fun, and I think it may become a yearly tradition!! (Where should we go next??)

We randomly sat in front of our videographer team both to AND from Arizona. It was totally unplanned and the best surprise!

- First time seeing wild horses—for both me AND Monica, who has lived in Arizona for a few years now. They were glorious!!

These beautiful beasts made the video!! You can see them at the beginning and again during the first verse.

-First time experiencing the massiveness of giant cacti. I can’t get over how beautiful the desert is! It was an absolute dream.

Obligatory photo shoot in front of some giant cacti with Little J

-First time viewing a true desert sunset. Monica and I communicate almost solely on “Marco Polo” (how else would two busy moms who are always in the car get anything done?) She sends me shots of the sunset all the time, and I’m always in awe at how many colors they consistently have in them.

We had some literal “UPs”:

-First time hiking up a giant hill with a hoard of children for a video

This is the river from the beginning of the video. It was a long, steep, and rocky walk up that hill; the kids were troopers! Little J ran most of the way and was the first one to the top.

-First time asking a child to climb a tree for a video (Monica’s son Max LOVES climbing, so it was only fitting to have him up there for his b-roll footage.)

Max is Monica's youngest. He isn't a big fan of music videos, but he does love to climb (he competes in Ninja Warrior competitions!) Getting his b-roll shots in the tree seemed like the most logical idea, and it really allowed Josh to capture him in his element.

And a couple of downs:

-First time having a child pass out during one of our shoots (we think she locked her knees.)

-And… First time having a SECOND child pass out during one of our shoots (we suspect low blood sugar.)

But overall, it was a BEAUTIFUL shoot, and we are so happy to share this gorgeous video with you!


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