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"Master of Ocean and Earth and Sky"

Recently when we were finishing up a video shoot, my videographer said something that really stuck with me. He said, “I know that when I film a video for Angie Killian, the skies will be exactly what they need to be for those shoots.”

His comments took me back to a stormy August day when we filmed the video for "Master of the Ocean." Throughout the day, we checked our weather app, hoping for a change, but all day long we were met with the same forecast: rain, rain, rain.

As Josh, my videographer, jokingly told me that I needed to stop writing music about storms, I made a desperate plea on social media asking my friends and family to pray for a change in weather, and we joined our faith together in asking God to still this storm.

Within an hour, I noticed the skies shifting, clearing, and light peeking from behind clouds. A quick check on my weather app confirmed what I already knew: God had heard my prayer, and He answered it. We had a windy but beautiful shoot that day that ended with all of the children nearly fully submerged in the lake—a memory I will always treasure.

I know that just as God has the power to calm the clouds, He also can still the storms that rage on the inside, the ones you can only feel. I have felt Him speak peace to my soul on so many occasions, and I am grateful for His perfect love and understanding.

"He calms the storms inside of my heart; the Savior gives peace to me."

Master of the Ocean By Angie Killian & Shane Mickelsen


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