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If I Were There...

Watch the video HERE

Sheet music is available HERE

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be a shepherd in the fields of Bethlehem on the joyous night of Christ’s coming? Or a wise man who traveled across deserts to kneel before the tiny King of heaven and earth?

“If I Were There” invites you to look at the Christmas story from a child’s perspective and ask yourself what you would have done if you were there on that silent, holy night.

The lovely nativity set featured in this video is “Love’s Pure Light” by Kate Lee

(used with permission from Deseret Book Company)

In July of 2021, Monica flew up from Arizona to film two Christmas projects with me ("Wonderful One" & "Little Lord Jesus.") It was a whirlwind of a day because we filmed one video in the morning and the second in the afternoon. I think part of me is still recovering from that experience! When we finished the first shoot, Monica pulled out her phone and showed me words for a text she had started a few days prior called "If I Were There" and asked if I wanted to finish it with her. I immediately said YES!

We started working on finishing the lyrics to If "I Were There" and then got busy with the music. Since Monica lives in Arizona, I live in Utah county, and we both have crazy mom schedules, we have found that co-writing works best for us with a combination of passing a music file back and forth and communicating through Marco Polo and text messages. It is so much fun! Our styles are similar, and our individual strengths complement each other so well. When we finished the piano for this song, we both agreed that it was one of our favorites. We hope you love it too!

One of the most rewarding parts of this project was being able to feature our children in the recording and video. Some of you may recognize my older children, Carter & Janey, who open up the song. My 5-year-old, McKay, is standing in the front row of the choir in a green shirt. The second verse features Audrey Scott, Monica's daughter, and Audrey Edwards (yes, it was quite confusing to have two Audreys--especially while we were filming their verse!) And on the piano is Monica's oldest daughter, Sofie Scott.

We are grateful for all of the children (and their parents) who came from near and far to participate in this video! This is the first time children from outside of the country have traveled to participate in one of my projects, and I am very grateful for the cute pair of Canadian sisters who made a special visit to join us for filming.

From the humble manger to the garden tomb, to that glorious day when He returns to rule and reign, may we join in celebrating the life and love of our Redeemer. It is our prayer that this sweet song finds a special place in your holiday season this year and for years to come.

Merry early Christmas from our families to yours!


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