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Guest Post by Tessa's Mom (Mindy Guymon)

I've often thought of the relationship Tessa might have with the Savior. Does she remember who He is? Did He ever visit her during those painful days in the hospital? I don't know the answers for sure, but I've always believed she knows who He is, and imagined Him comforting her just as He comforted the little children while He was living on the earth.

All 3 of my girls had the opportunity to participate in some very special projects yesterday, and watching Tessa interact with the actor portraying Jesus was beautiful. She was a little shy at first, but he came down to her level where she was comfortable and interacted by doing what she wanted.

This experience reminded me how the Savior is very much the same. He came down to earth, on our level, where we are comfortable. He communicates and interacts with us through our own unique understanding and desires. Even if we feel a little shy, all we have to do is open our hearts and He will come to us.

I'm thankful we had this opportunity and look forward to hearing more insights of Jesus as Tessa gains the capability to communicate them. I'm pretty sure has so much to teach me about Him.


Tessa is an incredible human who has overcome so much in her life. It was an honor to have her and her sisters at the shoot. You can follow along with their family's journey on Instagram: @guymontribe


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