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Come, Follow Me: a cute story

Watch the music video HERE

I have the most adorable 9-year-old nephew named James who has Autism. When we filmed the footage for this video in July, my mom thoroughly explained to him that Marshall was an actor who looked like Jesus, but we started filming, it was apparent that James thought Marshall was indeed his Savior. He would not let go of his hand or leave his side. His interactions with him were 1,000% genuine, and I can't help but smile thinking about that wonderful evening they spent together.

James has had several obsessions (if you love a child with Autism, you might understand.) This past summer, it was terrifying deep sea creatures--namely the Magnapinna Squid, Oar Fish, and Mariana Trench Shark. (Look them up; they are what nightmares are made of!) At one point during the shoot, James thanked "Jesus" for his favorite creations, and Marshall asked James to tell him about them. James was utterly dismayed that Marshall didn't know about these magnificent oddities and said, "You should know! You made them!"

I am grateful for Marshall coming from California to spend time with these sweet children. He showed me in a very real and sweet way what the Savior meant when He taught that a good shepherd leaves the ninety-and-nine to search out the one. I know that our Savior loves each of us immensely--whether we are part of His flock or need a little extra love. He has called each of us to follow Him and is extending His hand to us every step of the way.


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