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'Always Remember' - Thoughts Behind the Lyrics

This music video goes live on Friday, September 9th at 5 pm Mountain Time. You can watch the video HERE.

A few years ago I wrote my oldest child the cutest song for his baptism. It meant so much to him and our family that I decided to write my other two children their own baptism song too. This song is for my daughter, Janey. She has been recording for me for a while, but it was so much fun to have her record "her song."

Can you guess what kind of flowers Jesus hands to my sweet Janey during the first chorus of this video? I bet you guessed it: Forget-Me-Nots.

I've often thought about the line in the sacrament prayer where we promise to “always remember” Jesus Christ. What did I want my children to keep in the warmest, safest places in their hearts? As I pondered the answer to that question, the ideas for the chorus came quickly.

I will always remember

That Jesus loves me,

That he lived, died, and rose again

To set the whole world free.

He will bless me with his spirit

And fill my soul with peace.

And then it hit me: just as we promise to “always remember Him,” Jesus assures us that he will never forget us. In Isaiah 49:15-16, Jesus tells us, "I will not forget thee. Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands."

I will always remember him.

He will always remember me.

The circle is a symbol of eternity because it never ends.

The chorus of this song may have come quickly, but the verses took a long time to get right. Verse one is taken from one of the sweetest stories in the New Testament found in Mark 10:13-16.

"Let the little children come,"

The Savior gently said.

Then, taking them into his arms,

Laid hands upon their heads.

I wish that I had been there

As he held and blessed each one,

But there's a warmth inside my heart

That tells me I am loved.

As a child, I always wondered what it would have been like to be there in that moment, to be swept into the arms of the Savior and blessed. If there is anything I can leave with my children, I want my children to know in the foundations of their souls that even though they don't get to see Jesus, they are personally, infinitely, and deeply loved by him. This testimony can only come from the Holy Ghost.

This sweet encounter with Tessa taught me that Jesus meets us where we are.

Verse two goes deeper. Because of his all-encompassing atonement, the Savior knows and loves each one of us on an individual level.

Alma 7:11-12 teaches us much about Christ's atonement. "He will take upon him their infirmities, that his bowels may be filled with mercy, according to the flesh, that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities."

In the garden, Jesus knelt

Beneath the olive trees.

He felt my sorrows, one by one,

So he could comfort me.

He knows and loves me deeply;

I am graven on his palms.

One day he'll call me by my name

And hold me in his arms.

This show with Tainui and "Jesus" is breathtaking!

As a primary chorister, I often taught my children sign language to help them remember the words to songs. I loved that many of the signs taught us more about the meaning of the words. The sign I used most frequently was the sign for "Jesus." To sign "Jesus," you touch each of your palms with the opposite hand's middle finger.

The last part of verse 2 pays homage to the first verse. Even though we may have to wait, there will be a time when the Savior calls us each by name and we will be reunited in his embrace, just like the stories of children in the scriptures.

Our youngest child is a very wiggly 5-year-old boy. While he is learning to stay reverent during the sacrament, it is hard for him. For the last several weeks, I have whispered the words of this song into his ear as he waits for his turn to pass the tray (his favorite part). I pause before the last word in each line, and he whispers it to me.

I am grateful for the power of music and its ability to teach even the smallest--and wiggliest--children the most precious parts of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Always, always he'll remember me.

Always, always he'll remember me.

Jesus will never forget us. Never.


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