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Always Remember: Teaching Resources

Watch the video HERE. I'm thrilled that you are teaching this song! I will be adding to this list as more things become available.

The YouTube Video The YouTube video is a great teaching tool! You can even turn on captions if you want to.

ASL with Holly Anderson

HERE is the ASL video and HERE is the video with explanations.

Holly is my go-to for ASL videos, and I am so grateful that she got this one finished before the song was even released. I love that ASL connects the meaning of the song in a deeper way. When I teach songs using ASL, I mostly sign just the keywords. To keep their attention and provide a challenge, I like to demonstrate two of the signs before I sing and ask the children to figure out what those signs mean. After I finish, I collect their answers, offer praise, and we talk for a couple of seconds about why that sign makes sense. Then I repeat. I like to get 4-5 repetitions per activity with minimal talking in between. PrimaryIllustrations

HERE are the illustrations Alyssa Harper created to help children learn this song.

It is no secret that I am Alyssa's #1 fan! Her Etsy page, PrimaryIllustrations, is filled with gems. Also... Have you ordered a copy of the illustrated My Own Sacred Grove book we did together? I'm obsessed!

GIANT Printable Puzzle

HERE is a GIANT printable puzzle that you could use while singing the first verse over and over again. This would be a fun challenge for younger children and more of a "cool down" kind of activity for older children. The picture is from

Chorus Color Code

HERE is a color code for the chorus. The colors refer to the first letters of words. Connected groups show words with multiple syllables. Hollowed-out squares show words that refer to Jesus. To use this code (older children only), place it on the board (I like to print it bigger than regular-sized paper) and ask the kids, What do you see? What is the same? What is different? Tell them that these squares have something to do with the song. Sing through the chorus. After you finish, ask the children what learned, check their answers, offer praise, and repeat. I like to challenge the children to sing only the colored words at the end (you sign the black ones), and then switch.


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