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My Own Sacred Grove

January 5, 2020

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Music & Lyrics by Angie Killian
Performed by members of One Voice Children's Choir
Soloists: Hallie Cahoon, Hazel Knell, Blake Walker, Leilani Walker, Kendra Cook, Cache Cook, and Charly Cook
Recorded by Becky at Vox Fox Studios
Videography by Cory Bowcut

Two hundred years ago, a young boy knelt down to pray in a grove of trees.  What happened next changed my life--and the world--forever. His story reminds us that access to our Heavenly Father is merely a prayer away, and we can find answers, strength, and solace in our own sacred groves. 

Do you have a sacred grove?  Let me know in the comments below!

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Verse 1
Joseph Smith went to a grove full of trees.
Seeking God's wisdom, he fell to his knees.
As he pled with the heavens the sky filled with light,
And the Father appeared with His Son Jesus Christ
Standing above in the air,
Coming to answer his prayer.

I will find my own sacred grove
Away from all of the noise in the world.
I will turn to prayer,
For I know He's there.
I will find my own sacred grove.

Verse 2
So many choices with so much at stake.
Life's full of pathways, but which should I take?
If I lift up in prayer in the name of the Son,
Through the pow'r of the Holy Ghost answers will come.
Heavenly Father is there
Ready to answer my prayer.


Sometimes the answers take time,
So I'll listen in heart and mind.
Revelation will come my way
As I wait patiently in faith.


I will find my own sacred grove.

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