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The Liahona - 'Spot it!'

The Liahona - 'Spot it!'

Watch the music video HERE

Have any of you played "spot it" during singing time?  While singing, place two pictures on the board and have the children raise their hands when they spot the match.  When I see quite a few hands, I point to the match (as we continue singing) and then replace one of the images.  And repeat.  A lot! 

I love this activity because it is super easy, the kids love it, and you get so much repetition in!  Plus, this is one of the magic activities that both younger and older children love!  The images used in this game relate to the entire song, so you could literally use it with any part of the song or review the entire song.  There are 13 pages, 4 images per page, and lots of different combinations of pictures. Between every set of pictures, there are one pair of matching items.

Happy singing!

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