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The Church of Jesus Christ - color code

The Church of Jesus Christ - color code

How do you use a color code?

Print out the pages (the bigger, the better!) and put them on the board.  Ask the children, "What do you see?  What is the same?  What is different?"  Collect their answers, praise.  Tell them that the circles have something to do with the words in the song, challenge them to figure it out, and sing the entire song.  After the song is sung, ask them what they figured out, offer praise, and repeat.  If they figure everything out quickly, challenge the children to sing only the colored circles (or the outlined circles), and you sing the rest, the switch.

This activity works well for older children, but I wouldn't use it in Junior primary. 

BLUE: words that start with "I"
YELLOW: words that start with "C"
GREEN: words that start with "H"
PURPLE: words that start with "F"
BLACK OUTLINES: words that refer to Jesus
PINK OUTLINES: action words/things that we do (verbs)

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