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Search, Ponder, & Pray - color code

This is a printable color code for "Search, Ponder, & Pray."



BLUE: Words that begin with "T"

ORANGE: Words that begin with "S"

YELLOW: Words that begin with "P"

GREEN: Words that begin with "I"


To use this code:

Have the code arranged on the board in order.  (There is a cheat sheet on the last page of the download that shows the correct order + key if you mix the tiles up.) 

Ask the children, "What do you see? What is the same? What is different?"  Collect their answers, praise.  Challenge the children to figure out what the cicrlces have to do with the song.  Sing the song, ask them what they learned, praise.  Continue this process until they can identify all of the colors.  If they are struggling, use your finger to point to each circle as you sing.


HERE is a video of the master, Sharla Dance, demonstrating this activity.

I would only use this activity with older children.

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