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Risen for Me – verse 2 eraser pass

Risen for Me – verse 2 eraser pass


  • Draw this chart on the chalkboard or whiteboard. 
  • Say, “Here are the rules: 1) erase one word that is NOT in the song 2) hand the eraser to a friend 3) no talking.  See if you can finish before I sing the song 4 times.”
  • Hand two children an eraser and start singing.
  • If a word gets erased that IS in the song, quietly write it again.  Don’t make a big deal about it.  Don’t stop singing or say anything about it.


  • Extender activity: when the children have finished, challenge them to sing ONLY the words on the board.  You sing the rest.  Then switch.  This is lots of fun!


**This activity is better for older children who can read.


**If you don’t have a board, you can print out a chart and give it to partners with a pencil.  They can cross off the words instead of erasing them.  I have also seen it where the words are printed and attached to the board and the children remove one word at a time instead of erasing.


Why do I love this activity? 

  • I love that it teaches and clarifies words in the song without sounding like you are reading out of a dictionary. 
  • I love that the children get to SEE the words of the song in an ACTIVE learning activity without the lyrics being handed to them (which is a very PASSIVE learning activity.)
  • This activity is super easy and takes nearly no preparation.



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