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Redeemer of Israel - mountain melody map

Redeemer of Israel - mountain melody map

The melody of this song is powerful, commanding, and majestic.  Seeing the strong, mountain-like peaks displays the melody in a tangible way.

How to use this melody map with older children:

1) Display the 4 pictures above the 8 word strips on the board (out of order.)  Ask the children, "What do you see? What is the same? What is different?"  Colors, shapes, lines, words, etc.  Sing the song through. 

2) "What does the map have to do with the song? What do the words have to do with the song?  Are the pages in the correct order?"  Sing the song through again.

3) Ask the children if they can help put the pages in order.  Start singing, tapping children on the shoulder to have them move pieces to the correct place. 

4) After they put the pages in order, ask them to attach the names of the Savior found in the song to their corresponding colors. 

5) Depending on time, you can challenge the children to sing those words with you as you "check" their work. 

6) Bear a short testimony that Jesus Christ is our REDEEMER, a DELIGHT, a BLESSING, our SHADOW in the heat of the day, the PILLAR of light that leads us through the night, the KING of kings, our DELIVERER, and our ALL.

**I like to print my maps "poster-sized" so everyone can see them.

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