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Keep the Commandments - symplified code

Keep the Commandments - symplified code

How to use this color code in junior primary:


Attach the pictures to the board in the correct order.  Ask the children what they see.  What is the same?  What is different?  Tell the children that the shapes have something to do with the song. 


Sing through the entire song, outlining the corresponding shapes as you sing.  Ask the children what the shapes have to do with the song.  Collect answers; offer praise.  Ask the children to outline the shapes in the air the next time you sing the song.  I like to make it fun by letting them be creative with their "magic crayons."  (My crayon is zebra-striped!  What color is yours?)


Repeat 2-3 times or until the children can correctly identify the shapes.

I use this the exact same way in senior primary, but I don't outline the shapes or ask them to outline them with me.

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