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I Wonder When He Comes Again 'Spot it!'

I Wonder When He Comes Again 'Spot it!'

**Some of you have asked for a way to donate with your download. I don't have that feature on my website, but I am happy to accept donations to go toward music production. Venmo: @angiemaek PayPal:

Hi music friends!

Some nights I have trouble sleeping, so I just spent the last hour or so making a "spot it" game for I Wonder When He Comes Again (verse 1.) Have any of you played "spot it" during singing time? I'm thinking we will have the two pictures on the board, sing 2 lines, say "Pause!" and ask a child which two items are the same and what the pictures have to do with the song. Then replace the pictures and repeat the process until we have sung through the song 3-4 times. There are 13 pages, 4 images per page, so there are lots of different combinations of pictures. Between every set of pictures, there are one pair of matching items. (This picture shows 4 pages so you can see how it works.)

Happy singing!

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