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I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus - Matching Game

I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus - Matching Game

"I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" Matching Game

I had these images commissioned by the amazing Alyssa Harper (PrimaryIllustrations); I LOVE how they turned out!  She does incredible work.  These images are of great quality and have a high resolution.  They are formatted to print full-page.

Two ideas for primary:

1) Play like a regular memory/matching game as you sing the song multiple times.  I tap children on the shoulder to go take a turn.  It is helpful to have another adult at the board helping keep things sane.  In junior primary, I only use 4 pairs.
2) Attach all of the pictures of Jesus to the board and spread the rest around the room.  As the song is sung multiple times, have children get a picture from around the room and attach it next to its corresponding picture on the board.

**You can also use these for "Come Follow Me" or "Small & Simple Faith"

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