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This is a color code.  Each word (not syllable) in the song is represented by a shape.  Different shapes refer to different ideas, different colors refer to first letters.  I would only use one map at a time and teach the verses separately.


How to use this code:

Ask the children what they see.  What is the sam?  What is different?

Sing through the song.

Ask the children what the images have to do with the song.  Collect answers.

Sing through the song 2-3 more times, asking them each time if they learned anything new about the code.


Bear a short testimony that when we forgive (or repent) our hearts are made pure, helping us to live nearer to God.



+ = help

star = me/I/my

triangle = Father/Thee

heart = repent/forgive

arrow = nearer

blue = words that start with H

yellow = words that start with M

pink = words that start with F

red = words that start with T

green = words that start with N


Help Me, Dear Father - color code (older children)

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