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Born to Bring Us Joy - SATB

Born to Bring Us Joy - SATB

I'm so happy to have this one ready for mixed voice choirs!  It is such a fantastic song with music that brings so much feeling and emotion out of the lyrics.  You can listen to the children's arrangement of the song HERE.


The voice parts for this SATB version were arranged by my talented friend, Chemain Evans. (Please check out more of her arrangements!  She is fantastic!)  The piano (arranged mostly by Daniel Blomberg) is SO MUCH FUN but is on the advanced side; I won't be offended if you leave out a couple of notes here and there to fit your needs. 

Things to know:

- We moved this up from the original key of C major to D major
- Soprano range: D4-E5

- Alto range: C#4-D5

- Tenor range: D3-E4

- Bass range: A2-B3
- Difficulty level: vocals-on the easy side, piano-a little more challenging

This download includes:

- SATB + piano

- permission to make copies for your choir


You can make as many copies as needed for your congregation's choir, but please do not distribute them outside your choir.

**Note: this is a digital download; once your purchase goes through, you will receive an email with download instructions. No physical products will be shipped to you.**

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