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Born to Bring Us Joy - pictures in order

Born to Bring Us Joy - pictures in order

These pictures are for "Born to Bring Us Joy!" 

You can watch the YouTube video HERE.

Lyric video coming soon!

There are 10 pages total (4 for each of the two verses and 2 for the chorus). There are no words on the illustrations.

My favorite way to use illustrations while teaching songs is to use them to challenge the children, turning the activity from passive learning to active learning.  One fun way you can do this is to "accidentally" drop the pictures before putting them on the board or showing them to the children.  You can then ask the children to help you get them back in order as you sing the same verse multiple times.  After they have the pictures in order (and you have "checked them" by singing it through a final time), you can challenge them to keep singing even if you take away some of the pictures.  They love this!

Happy singing!

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