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Home-Centered Singing Time: Cherry Ridge Ward & Friends


Hello music friends! I'm Sister Killian. Most of you probably don't know me because we have only lived in the ward for a short time, but I'm excited to get to know each and every one of you! A few special things about me: I'm a mommy to three children, we have a fluffy white dog named Lettie, and I LOVE music. I once heard someone say that everything they needed to know they learned through Primary songs. At first I laughed, but then I realized they were right! What better way is there to teach about the plain and precious truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ? Let's get started!

What will singing time look like for the Cherry Ridge ward?

Won't it be nice when we get to meet together in person? Until then, we will be holding singing time on YouTube! Each week, I will send you an email with things you need for singing time. Sometimes there will be things I need you to find around your house. Sometimes I will have things for you to print out so we can do things together. The videos can be watched whenever your family has time. Maybe that is Monday nights, maybe that is Sunday mornings, maybe it will vary from week to week. Either way, the videos will be there for you whenever you have time. We also want to start doing a "singing time spotlight" every week. More information on that will be coming.

Songs for 2021

The church has given us some great songs to learn in 2021. There is a good mix of simple, one-verse songs, primary classics, and well-loved hymns. HERE is a link to a YouTube playlist of this year's songs. If you prefer to not use YouTube, HERE are the songs in a google drive folder.

The songs we are hoping to share in a program this year are:

1. My Own Sacred Grove

2. The Priesthood is Restored

3. When I Am Baptized

4. Jesus Has Risen

5. When He Comes Again

6. I'm Trying to Be like Jesus

7. I Feel My Savior's Love

8. I Am a Child of God