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Guest Post: Music for 'Nevertheless' (Noelle's Song)

By Kristina Bishoff

It was a pleasure to work with Angie on this thoughtful and special song. I am trained as a soundtrack composer, so writing this style of music was outside my comfort zone, but I really loved the message of this song “Nevertheless, not my will but Thine be done” and was determined to make the music further reflect that message.

The melody is in the alto range, representing the humble, meek, and down-to-earth circumstance the Savior was in Gethsemane. The cello solo throughout the song represents the voice and will of God. In the beginning of the song, the cello and voice are distinctly different showing that the will of God and our will can start off different. But God never gives up on us just as the cello continues to call to the voice. At the end of the song, the cello and voice are united and working together in glorious harmony representing our will aligning with God’s will. As the song ends, there is peace.

Writing the music has been a journey with many exciting moments and many trials and setbacks. This winter was the sickest I remember my young family being, but as I was exhausted as I tried to put in 15 minutes of work, I kept thinking the words “not my will but Thine.” When the day for recording the music came, one of the musicians got terribly sick so we prayed and had to reschedule to a month later while thinking the words “not my will but Thine.” When the new day of the recording came, something special happened. Not only was our musician in great health, but we discovered we were recording on Good Friday. It was beautiful evidence to us of God’s timing, God’s ways, and how God can take things that seem difficult and terrible and transform them into something beautiful and good. I will always remember the things I have learned from writing the music for this song and internalize the incredible offer of our loving Savior as he prayed in Gethsemane, “not my will but Thine.”


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