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Born to Bring Us Joy - String Parts

First of all, I am so incredibly happy with how much everyone has loved "Born to Bring Us Joy." It's one of those songs that feels like it should have already existed, and I hope it becomes a classic addition every Christmas. I had several requests for string parts for this song, and I am thrilled to announce that those parts are ready! Huge thanks to Elizabeth W. Marsh who spent hours going over Daniel Blomberg's beautiful arrangement and adapting it for live players.

There are two options.

This download includes:

- Individual parts for violin I, violin 2, viola, cello 1, & double bass (in both the key of C and key of D)

- Optional individual parts for violin 3 and cello 2 (if your group doesn't have a violist and/or bassist) (in both the key of C and key of D)

- Full score (piano, choir, strings in both the key of C and key of D)

- Permission to make copies as needed for your orchestra (do not share outside of your group)

These parts work best with the studio piano or the easier studio piano arrangements, but they can also be used with the "primary" arrangement.

Since the only string instrument I play is the ukulele, I cannot tell you how hard any of the parts are, but here are two snapshots so you can see the most difficult-looking parts.

This download includes:

- Obbligato part for Violin (in keys of C & D)

- Obbligato part for Cello (in keys of C & D)

- Permission to make 2 copies

These parts work with the studio piano, the easier studio piano, and the "primary" arrangements. Here is a snapshot of the hardest part:

If you are looking for other Christmas songs that include string parts, If I Were There, Wonderful One, When We Seek Him, and The World's Smallest Shepherd all have string parts available to purchase.

Please let me know if you have any questions!


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