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Small and Simple Faith - bridge melody map

Small and Simple Faith - bridge melody map

This melody map is for the bridge of Small & Small Faith. 


To use this map:

1) Display the map out of order on the board (don't tell them!)

2) Ask the children, "what do you see?" "what do you notice?" "what is the same?" "what is different?"  Collect their answers.  Offer praise.

3) Tell them that the pictures have something to do with the song, and challenge them to see what they can learn as they listen to you sing.

4) Sing through the song.

5) Collect answers from the children.

6) Sing through the song again.

7) Collect answers from the children. 

8) If they haven't already found out that the maps are in the wrong order, tap the map as you sing another time.

9) Collect answers

10) Ask the children to clap the rhythm when the shapes are outlined in red.  Sing through the song again.  Explain that that is a repeated motif in the song, something the songwriters used to help us remember the song.

11) Challenge the children to sing the yellow and blue while you sing the grey notes, then switch

12)  Bear a 1-2 sentence testimony that relates to the bridge



Yellow: words that refer to Jesus

Blue: words that refer to us

Red: a repeated motif that appears throughout the song

Taller rectangles: higher notes

Shorter rectangles: lower notes

Narrow rectangles: shorter notes

Wide rectangles: longer notes


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