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Risen for Me - verse 1 pictures

Risen for Me - verse 1 pictures

There are several ways to use these AI-generated illustrations. 


1) Have the children put them in order as you sing the song.  You can either print out small versions and have them do it in groups, or print out larger versions and have them do this at the board.

2) Cut each one into 3-4 puzzle piece shapes, scatter them around the board, and have the children put them in order as you sing the song.  I like to tap them, one by one, on the shoulder so it isn't so chaotic in the front.  They move one piece and then return to their seats.  This activity works best for younger children.  If you have a wide range of ages, consider using the "color code" for the older children while the younger ones do this.


3) Print two sets of each and use them for a matching game.  My children will sing a song for 10 minutes straight if they are also playing a matching game.  It's their favorite for all ages!


4) Match illustrations with the words of the song.  Display the images and phrases of the song on the board.  As you sing the verse multiple times, choose one child at a time to come to the board and move a picture or phrase to the correct place.  This works great for wide age groups becuase the younger ones can do the pictures and the older ones can do the words. 


5) Use them to make a flip chart.  (While the first 4 suggestions are very ACTIVE learning activities, this is a very PASSIVE learing activity, and it will not help as much with memorization or long-term learning.)

**Downloading tips: Download this file onto a computer and not a phone or device.  It will come in a zippled folder, and phones/tablets don't do well with zipped files.  Download your files within 30 days of purchasing.  If you miss your downlaod window, just download again. 


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