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I Know My Father Lives - melody map

I Know My Father Lives - melody map

This is a printable melody map for teaching "I Know My Father Lives."  I print my maps "poster size" (there is a setting on my print window) so each page takes up 4 pages (2x2). 


For older children, you can put the pages out of order and challenge them to organize them correctly.  For younger children, touch each shape as you sing and challenge them to figure out one at a time.



Yellow smiles: words that refer to oneself

Purple triangles: Heavenly Father

Orange triangles: The Holy Ghost

Aqua word bubbles: speaking words (whispers, tells)

Green arrows: true (it is useful to show the ASL sign for truth when talking about this symbol)

Red square, heart, circles: Lives, Loves, This, It. 


The red shapes take more brainpower.  What is IT and THIS that the Holy Ghost is teaching?  That Heavenly Father LIVES and LOVES each of his children. 

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